Pete's Story

Pete had a few PAs, but was looking for some new team members and recruitment wasn’t going as well as he’d hoped. It was important to Pete and his family that while he lived at home he should still have an independent life and the hope was that Pete could move locally to his own home.

While recruiting new staff, and when current staff were on holiday or sick, Pete’s family took on the caring role. They recognised however that ideally Pete’s care arrangements would be secure to provide him with this cover so when he lived independently he would not be left without support.

Pete and his family worked with his co-ordinator to create a support plan. Pete already had a good idea of what he wanted, and was receiving person-centred support from his Personal Assistants already.

We worked with Pete and his family to recruit new staff, and plan a rota which ensure Pete had regular care when he needed it as well as contingency plans. It was really important to Pete that he had staff who could drive his wheelchair accessible vehicle so he could access the community.

Pete’s support continued for 18 months and he has had a few staff move on, to go to university, or to another position to further their career, but each time we have supported him to recruit new members to his team. During that time he has been on some incredible holidays, and been a regular attender of his football team’s home games.

The big test came when Pete was finally offered his own bungalow. Pete has a fantastic family who supported him to move into the property but Pete also needed to feel supported by Your Life Your Way and his Personal Assistants to enable him to fulfil his potential and become more independent. Flexibility in his support was really important to Pete at this time, that his PAs could stay late, start early or move shifts around to support him when he needed it. Also to contact the landlords, local authority and other key people to ensure the bungalow was adapted to meet his needs.

Pete has now lived independently for 18 months and no longer requires support overnight. We are looking forward to his local authority review where he let them know how positive this has been for him, how independent he now is, and reduce his support overall.

In the mean-time, he has booked another holiday with his PAs, and started to look at voluntary employment opportunities.

Pete’s care is funded through his local authority and Independent Living Fund and Your Life Your Way support him to manage this by providing a managed account service. This is free of charge to Pete because we also provide his support.

Pete’s grown as a person since we first met him, and seeing how far he has come we know he, his family, and we are proud of what he has achieved, and proud to have been a part of it.