Meet Jay

We met Jay when she lived in a little one bedroom flat, and had support from an agency. Jay will tell you herself that she wasn’t doing a lot with her days, she had a lot of different staff from the agency and that inconsistency didn’t help her to plan activities or to get to know the people she was being supported by.

Jay had aspirations, to live in a home more suited to her needs, to go on holiday, to have staff who she could count as friends, and to try new things.

Jay worked with her co-ordinator to create a support plan, and although this was new to Jay she appreciated the choice and control she was having over her own life. Suddenly, we were asking her what she wanted, and new options were available to her because she wasn’t confined to staff shift times.

We were also asking Jay about her staff, some staff from the previous agency decided to continue working with Jay and Your Life Your Way supported this by completing all the relevant details so those staff could become employees of YLYW to support Jay. However another part of this was to recruit new staff so Jay had a team who were willing and able to cover all the support hours Jay needed, and give her consistency even when someone was on annual leave or off sick. Jay told us the type of person she enjoyed spending time with, the specific details she wanted such as experience, and hobbies and interests. And when we had a few applicants for the role, Jay interviewed them with her co-ordinator. Jay decided who she had the best fit with and YLYW employed and trained the new staff.

At first Jay was a little tentative, only setting small goals such as going out daily even just to the shop, but as time has passed Jay has become more adventurous and at each review Jay sets new goals.

Since 2010, Jay has had a few staff move on, to go to university, or to another position to further their career, but each time we have supported Jay to recruit new members to her team.

She has been on holiday 7 times, both here in the UK and abroad including Benidorm and Euro Disney. (Insert photo 2)

She has moved house into a lovely 2 bedroom bungalow to accommodate her night staff. This home is adapted for all her needs, and her PAs support her to maintain that property, keeping communication with the landlords where necessary and Jay has a supportive family who help with her garden and decorating.

Jay’s care is funded through various streams and Your Life Your Way support her to manage this by providing a managed account service. This is free of charge to Jay because we also provide her support. We also help Jay with her personal finances, having become her appointee we ensure her details are kept up to date with all the relevant benefit agencies and support her to budget to pay her bills, as well as save up for luxuries like holidays or new furniture.

Jay’s life is now hers to live, and we are immensely proud to support such a positive and caring individual.