At Your Life Your Way, we believe you should be at the centre of your support. When you work with us, you have your own bespoke package of support, designed with you to meet your individual needs. We call your staff Personal Assistants (PAs) because they are personal to you.

We work with you to plan your support based on what you want, cost your support based on the budget you have been given by your social worker, help manage your direct payment and recruit PAs of your choosing. We employ, manage, and train your staff for your needs, and with you review and update your support plan regularly to make sure it’s still working for you.


Care and Support is changing, and the Care Act 2014 brought best practice into legislation. Your Life Your Way was created to deliver best practice from day one, offering choice and control to you, the individual receiving support, involving all the important others in your life, and encouraging you to be ambitious and use your support to increase to independence overall.

Email us HERE, or call us on 0845 387 1107 if you would like to know more about what care services we can offer you.

When you decide you would like to work with us, we will work with you to agree how best to move forward. Best practice when receiving care is outlined in the diagram below:


At Your Life Your Way, we ensure you get the most out of your care budget and support you to decide who you would like to support you, and how that support should look, from when your need staff to what tasks they support you with. You will be allocated a care co-ordinator who will work with you and anyone else you feel should be involved such as family, friends and health/social care professionals, to complete your support plan.

Recruiting Staff

Once your support planning is under way you will have an outline of a job role which we can recruit for including hours of work and the duties of that member of staff. We will take care of the administrative side, and when we have suitable candidates we will arrange for you to interview with support from your co-ordinator. Once you select the staff to fill the positions, we process a DBS check, request references and they become employed by Your Life Your Way. We will also provide training to your staff, including any specific training identified in your support plan.

Goal Setting

Part of support planning with Your Life Your Way is setting goals and identifying outcomes which should be measured to demonstrate how the support you are receiving is benefitting you. You might want to think about the things you want to do on a daily basis, and what support you need to do this, as well as things you want to achieve on a long term basis, such as holidays, learning new skills, even if you want to get back into education or employment.


Your care co-ordinator will be in touch with you on a regular basis and we encourage ongoing communication, particularly if you have any problems or your needs change. As well is this, we will ask to meet with you around 3 months after your support starts to check that everything is working for you, and to make any changes required. We will then ask to meet with you every 12 months. At your formal review we will help you document how successful your support has been for you, what has changed in terms of your ambitions and what changes are needed in your support to support this, and anything else which you feel is important and needs to be documented.

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