Care Provision

Person centred care delivery, giving you choice and control of the who’s what’s and when’s. Your Life Your Way operate our care packages in line with how an individual would operate if they were to take on a Personal Health Budget or Direct Payment themselves.

We meet with the client and work together to complete the support planning stage incorporating all aspects of their lives to create a truly person centred support package. We then work with the client to create a job advertisement, screen and interview candidates and then process the successful applicants selected by our client to become employees of the organisation.

In doing this we ensure our clients have the support staff they choose, at the times they need, providing the level of care that suits. All care provision is priced on an individual basis to enable our clients to maximise their budgets, work in a cost effective way, and ensure the support is truly person centred. As a not for profit organisation we are able to achieve a significantly higher rate of pay for our staff than the average in this industry.

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