Following your assessment to identify your health and care needs, you will need to engage in support planning. This turns your budget, allocated following your assessment, into a description of what care and support you want, to meet both your assessed needs, and facilitate the life you want.

It should start with who and what are important to you, talk about what you would like for both your daily life, and longer term goals, and then plan what support you need to achieve this.

It can be a really exciting time, when you can plan for the future and make the choices which affect your life. For some people this is quite daunting, and it’s important to know what support is out there to help you so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.


Once you know what you want, brokerage is a service which helps you find the right providers for you, and negotiate the right prices. In many cases this service is delivered alongside a service to help you manage the budget long term. A good broker will have an in depth knowledge of the services available in your area and be able to support you to make contact with the organisations which are the best fit for you and your support plan.

Your Life Your Way deliver both support planning and brokerage. If you would like to know more contact us or call us on 0845 387 1107.

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